About Us


Coco Lombok Global is a limited liability company domiciled in Indonesia. We are the best exporter of coconut products in Indonesia. We provide a variety of products of the highest quality to meet your needs, both for food and non-food. Because we really value our customers as the most important aspect of our business. Therefore, we make sure to deliver only the highest quality products to you. We carefully check raw materials from farmers to produce products which are then processed through well-standardized production procedures.

Strengthen the domination of Indonesia in exporting coconut and its derivative products throughout the world as well as maintaining sustainable business activities.



  • Consistent in delivering high quality, healthy and useful coconut products to our valuable customers through out the world.
  • To have long lasting business by respecting and maintaining great relationship with all of our partners.
  • Commit on sustainable business by being responsible to the environment.

As one of the leading exporters of coconut products from Indonesia, we are consistently committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers. Moreover, it is supported by the fact that Indonesia is the largest supplier of coconut products in the world. Thus, we believe that our products have a competitive advantage in the market due to their quality and continuous supply. Moreover, we always aim for a sustainable and long-lasting business with all our partners. We sincerely strive to have good cooperation and mutual understanding with our partners.

We believe that the trust and relationships with our partners have a big impact on our business. Therefore, we are always committed to upholding integrity and seeking win-win solutions for our partners and the community. In addition, we do not tolerate any actions that indicate fraudulent activity. We always conduct our business legally and in accordance with regulations. If you are interested in becoming our business partner, you don’t need to worry. We are a legal company (under the legal entity name PT. Coco Lombok Global) and we have never been involved in fraudulent activities.



Indonesia has enormous coconut resources. But unfortunately, directly exported without added value. Therefore, we decided to boost the Indonesian economy by supplying semi-finished or finished products. Thus, it will have more value in the market. By doing this, we can improve the Indonesian economy, as well as provide welfare to our employees and farmers. We believe that our good corporate governance supports us to be able to supply continuously.

As the best supplier of coconut products from Indonesia, we are committed to always providing high quality products to our customers. We ensure that all of our products are processed through high-quality and well-standardized production procedures. Our team carefully monitors and checks products in pre, process and post production processes. We also carry out quality inspections of raw materials and finished goods. Therefore, we believe that our high quality products and relationships with partners will result in long term business for us.

In addition, we are also committed to fair trade action because we want to have mutual prosperity and a sustainable business.

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